Poland gifts 468,000 doses of Pfizer vaccine to Georgia

The first portion of the vaccine entered Georgia earlier today. Photo: Reuters.

Agenda.ge, 04 Nov 2021 - 18:37, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Polish government has gifted 468,000 doses of Pfizer vaccine to Georgia which will enter the country by the end of the week. 

The first portion of the vaccine has already been transported to Georgia. 

Polish Ambassador to Georgia Mariusz Maszkiewicz has stated that he is happy Poland managed to assist Georgia in this difficult time. 

He said that ‘if needed, we will provide additional support.’ 

Georgian Deputy  Health Minister, Tamar Gabunia, thanked Poland for the ‘important support,’ and stated that the part of the donated vaccines will be used as a booster dose in risk groups. 

The data of the 468,000 doses expire at the end of March 2022. 

511,390 Pfizer, 78,066 Sinovac and 171,079 doses of Sinopharm coronavirus vaccine are available in Georgia as of today, amid surging figures of daily infections. 

Only 946,395 individuals have been completely vaccinated in Georgia since March 2021. 

Georgian health officials say that the low vaccination rate ‘is alarming,’ and encourage the public to receive the vaccine. 

Georgia has reported 5,206 new cases of coronavirus, 4,648 recoveries and 53 deaths in the past 24 hours. 

49,619 remain infected with Covid-19 in the country.

A total of 10,238 people have died in Georgia due to coronavirus complications since April 2020.