Interior ministry: 5 detained for physical assault near polling station in Zugdidi

Mobile police teams are mobilised throughout the country to ensure safety and order during the election day. Photo: Nino Alavidze/, 30 Oct 2021 - 15:25, Tbilisi,Georgia

Five people have been detained for physical assault near election district No. 20 in the western Georgian town of Zugdidi, the Interior Ministry reports. 

The clash in Zugdidi started after the United National Movement (UNM) activist Giorgi Mumladze called the ruling Georgian Dream party mayoral candidate Mamuka Tsotseria’s supporters ‘separatists’.

The ministry representative Ketevan Kovziashvili said at a new briefing that the mobile police teams have reported several other incidents, including the alleged violation of the 100-meter radius as well as the placement of agitation materials in 25-meter radius from the precinct. 

We call on every person or organisation involved in the election process, despite their political views to immediately inform the police of any possible violations”, Kovziashvili said.  

She further informed the public of the interior ministry activities aimed to ensure safe and peaceful environment during the municipal run-offs. 

The Interior Ministry ensures safety and order throughout the country so that every citizen can make their choice in a free and safe environment”, she stated.

Stressing that the police will not allow any violent developments and will respond strictly to any violation, Kovziashvili called on the public and media to avoid any form of confrontation and artificial escalation, obey the lawful demands of law enforcers and contribute to ensuring peaceful election environment.