Girchi: if parliament suspends status for 51 opposition MPs, we’ll also request suspension

  • Georgian parliament will vote on the suspension of status for 51 opposition MPs tomorrow. Photo: parliament of Georgia press office., 1 Feb 2021 - 14:30, Tbilisi,Georgia

Three MPs from the Girchi libertarian party have asked the ruling Georgian Dream party not to vote for the suspension of MP status for 51 opposition MPs tomorrow per their request. 

Members of Girchi Iago Khvichia, Aleksandre Rakviashvili and Vakhtang Megrelishvili have stated that if the ruling party MPs, who number 90 in the 150-member parliament, approve the cancellation of opposition MPs’ mandates, they (Khvichia, Rakviashvili and Megrelishvili) will also request the suspension of their MP status. 

MPs from six of eight opposition parties have requested the suspension of their MP status so far. 

They say that the October 31 parliamentary elections in Georgia were fabricated and are demanding repeat elections. 

Only MPs from Girchi and Citizens have not requested the suspension of their status. 

Girchi MPs have appealed to the ruling party to take their 'sincere request' into account. Photo: netgazeti. 

Girchi says that if the ruling party votes for the suspension of MPs’ status for opposition legislators tomorrow the step will make the current political crisis more severe and endanger the ongoing election talks between the ruling party and the opposition which are mediated by foreign ambassadors. 

Girchi won four seats in the 10th convocation of the Georgian parliament. However, one of its founders Zurab Japaridze quit the party shortly after the elections and created a new Girchi party. 

Unlike Megrelishvili, Khvichia and Rakviashvili Japaridze has requested the suspension of his MP status. 

As of now only four of 60 opposition MPs (former members of Alliance of Patriots) have entered parliament and two other opposition MPs from the Citizens party have stated they will take up their mandates.