What incidents were reported during today's parliamentary elections in Georgia?

In total 10 individuals were arrested in relation to seven cases of administrative violations. Photo: Nino Alavidze/Agenda.ge.

Agenda.ge, 31 Oct 2020 - 21:10, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs has started an investigation into nine incidents that were observed during the parliamentary elections today, announced Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Kakha Sabanadze.

He said that in total 10 individuals were arrested in relation to seven cases of administrative violations.

Sabanadze said that in connection with the incident that took place near the polling station located at Public School No. 39 of Gldani district in the capital city of Tbilisi, the police detained six people.

With regard to the confrontation that occurred at the polling station located in the building of Public School No. 176 in Isani-Samgori district of Tbilisi, an investigation was launched into gang violence.

Yet another case is in progress in connection with an incident that took place at the polling station No. 36 in the Isani-Samgori district of Tbilisi.

One other investigation is looking into violence against an observer at polling station No. 16 in Senaki, in the Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region. 

We would also like to respond to media reports alleging that the movement of special police units were noticed near the polling stations… The relocation/deployment of the staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the Election Day is connected to the fulfilment of their official duties, planned rotation, or the legal right of police officers to cast their vote", he said.

He said that the major task of the police today is to maintain the rule of law and ensure that the elections are held in a peaceful and secure environment. 

He also said that the police will respond and prevent any violation of the law, regardless of political affiliation.