Georgian MFA: Russia doubled its illegal activities in Georgia amid pandemic

  • Georgian Foreign Ministry says that Russia openly attacks the Georgian health policy and the country’s security. Photo: Nino Alavidze/, 22 May 2020 - 12:26, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian Foreign Ministry says that Russia has been particularly active in its creeping annexation of more Georgian territories over the past two months and its (Russia’s) fight against the US-built Lugar Centre in Tbilisi has become intense. 

The ministry condemned the recent erection of illegal barriers in the village of Mereti in the Gori municipality of Georgia and said that barbed-wire fences, illegal barriers and so-called anti-fire ploughs have been made at both occupied regions of Georgia - Abkhazia and Tskhinvali during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Over the past week alone, illegal ‘borderisation’ took place near the villages of Tseronisi and Knolevi of Kareli municipality, as well as at the villages of Takhtrisdziri, Dvani, Koda, Tchvrinisi and Atotsi. Near the village of Pakhulani and Muzhava of Tsalenjikha municipality of western Georgia. Near the villages of Khurcha and Ganmukhiri near the occupied Abkhazia,” the ministry said. 

The ministry stated that Russia continues its ‘disinformation campaign’ against the Lugar Centre in Tbilisi, which is under the full control of Georgia’s National Disease Control Centre. 

De facto Tskhinvali has made comic accusations that Tbilisi is artificially spreading the coronavirus in the region,” said the ministry. 

The Georgian Foreign Ministry has urged the international community to have a due reaction to Russia's actions in Georgia. Photo: Foreign Ministry press office. 

The ministry stated that Russia ‘deliberately activated’ hybrid war against Georgia and ‘trough telling the tales’ they are  trying to attack the Georgian National Disease Control Centre and its Lugar Lab ‘which has played a crucial role in Georgia’s very effective fight against the coronavirus.’ 

Russian actions aim to create distrust to the central Georgian government in the occupied regions and stir tension on the ground. The disinformation campaign by Russia is an open attack on Georgian health policy and state security,” said the ministry. 

The ministry called on Russia to stick to its obligations and withdraw its troops from Georgia.

The ministry also urged the international community to give a due assessment to the Russian actions in Georgia and ‘take genuine steps to make Russia suspend its frequent attacks against Georgia.’