#SpendYourWinterInGeorgia campaign officially kicks off

  • Didi Mitarbi is located in southwest Georgia, only three kilometres away from the ‘ex-Soviet Davos’, Bakuriani ski resort. Photo: Nino Alavidze/Agenda.ge

Agenda.ge, 1 Dec 2019 - 17:22, Tbilisi,Georgia

New social media campaign #SpendYourWinterInGeorgia officially kicks off today. 

With the sound of the jingles just a corner away, our campaign moves into a fully jolly mode! We are ready to greet this most majestic season and we hope you are too!" the authors of the campaign said.

The campaign announced on its Facebook and Instagram pages yesterday that they have prepared "many exciting and amazing surprises" for their followers.


For English scroll down! ????ჯონმა დარეკა (ჩვენმა ჯონმა, სნოუმ ????) WINTER IS COMING-ო ????❄️☃️???? რაღას უცდით, გელოდებით, გამოდით გარეთო… ჰოდა, მეც გავვარდი და Black Friday-ზე სასწაული თხილამურები????და დიდი ზომის ტანსაცმელი ავაგდეე ???? აბა ზამთარში დიეტა იკრძალება ახალი კონსტიტუციითო ???????? საცივი და გოზინაყები დაიდება ამ ზამთარს, მიმიქარავს მასტერშეფი ???????? მოკლედ, ჩვენ რომ არ ვჩერდებით, ისედაც იცით უკვე ???? #სიურპრიზები გელოდებათ ბალიშის ქვეშ კი არადა, ჩვენი ჯგუფის კედელზე ისეთი, სერსეი ლანისტერიც ვერ მოიფიქრებდა ????????‍♀ #მესტია #გუდაური #გოდერძი #ბაკურიანი?? რომლით დავიწყოთ?????⛷???? უღრმესი მადლობა Nika Gachechiladze ულამაზესი ლოგოს შექმნისთვის <3 ????Even though mother nature yet might not be fully aware, we and John Snow confirm that WINTER IS COMING! ????⛷???? With the sound of the jingles just a corner away, our campaign moves into the fully jolly mode! We are ready to host the most majestic season and we hope you are too! Night King????‍♂ is out and carbs are in as the number one threat during the winter. Dieting this season is prohibited by the law???????? Stuffy nose and frozen fingers are highly expected, but let's be honest, there is nothing Gozinaki can't cure???????? Winter is the season of gifts and surprises and we know that very well. We have been together for two seasons so by now we know exactly what you like. We have prepared many many exciting and amazing surprises for you! All you have to wait under the Christmas tree!???? Oh sorry, I meant on our Facebook wall???? Many thanks to Nika Gachechiladze for creating such an amazing Logo <3 #SpendYourWinterinGeorgia ????

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The #SpendYourSummerInGeorgia campaign that has been viral not only in Georgia but worldwide started in response to the Russian flight ban that followed anti-occupation protest rallies in Tbilisi in late June. 

However, its organisers announced that the campaign will not be limited to summer, but continue during all four seasons as #Spend4SeasonsInGeorgia.

Photo: Nino Alavidze/Agenda.ge

A number of local and foreign officials have joined the campaign since summer, including:

Photo: Nino Alavidze/Agenda.ge

With the New Year celebrations on its way, #SpendYourWinterInGeorgia campaign promises to share a lot of joy with Georgians and foreigners who are eager to explore the country in winter.