President Zurabishvili joins in #SpendYourSummerinGeorgia campaign

  • Georgia's Black Sea town of Batumi received the title of ‘Europe’s Leading Emerging Tourism Destination’ at the World Travel Awards ceremony held in Madeira, Portugal in June, 2019. Photo: Visit Batumi/Facebook, 6 Jul 2019 - 12:20, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili has shared a video address calling on people to visit Georgia this summer.

Standing on the highest point of the Georgian riviera of the Black Sea overlooking the modern city of Batumi President Zurabishvili said Georgia is waiting for visitors.

I think it’s one of the unique places where culture meets beauty. We have archaeological sites very close to here and we [are] all  expecting you with Georgian hospitality,” President Zurabishvili said.

Watch the full video address below:

The social campaign under the hashtag #VisitGeorgia #SpendYourSummerinGeorgia has gone viral amid Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent ban on flights to Georgia.

Putin has ordered a ban on flights as part of Russian state reaction to protest in Tbilisi following a Duma MP's appearance in the Tbilisi parliament on June 20.

Russian state reaction to Tbilisi protests has caused even wider public solidarity among the local population against the Russian occupation.

A group Spend Your Summer in Georgia was also created on Facebook, where people share their personal experience of travelling in the country and inviting everyone to support the tourism industry by travelling in Georgia this year.