Georgia adopts national strategy against terrorism

The Strategy represents the government's vision of fight against terrorism and extremism as well as emphasises the importance of the consolidated actions of state authorities., 26 Jan 2019 - 14:08, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Georgian government has adopted a National Counterterrorism Strategy.

The strategy was developed by a permanent Interagency Commission comprised of different state authorities and chaired by the State Security Service.

The strategy emphasises the threats and challenges Georgia is facing in terms of terrorism and extremism as well as the vision how to address them,” the state Security Service said adding that the document is especially oriented towards gathering information connected with terrorism, extremism and radicalism by the State entities.

The Georgian government's counterterrorism strategy [the linked document is in Georgian] is also aimed at taking preventive measures and includes action plan for upcoming years.

The State Security Service considers that the events ongoing in the Middle East negatively affect the Caucasus region and despite the fact that Georgia is not among countries with a high risk of terrorism attacks, some challenges still exist.

Thus the entity believes that it is vitally important for the country to prevent any kind of terrorist activity on its territory. In this regard the State Security Service is especially oriented to uncovering cases in which Georgia might be used as a transit country by particular individuals or groups which want to join combat actions in Syria and Iraq.

In the process of coming up with the strategy the authors have taken into consideration the experience of the US, UK, Finland, Netherlands, Belgium,  France and Germany.