New terminal to triple capacity of Kutaisi Airport in 2019

  • Dutch firm UNStudio will be responsible for the upcoming extension works. Photo from Dezeen., 4 May 2018 - 15:27, Tbilisi,Georgia

The new terminal of Georgia’s western Kutaisi International Airport will be opened in early 2019 to cater to the rapidly growing number of passengers.

This new terminal will be able to serve three times more passengers than now, says the Georgian Airports Association.

At present, the Kutaisi International terminal construction works are in their active phase. Concrete works are almost complete and the renewed terminal will be opened at the beginning of 2019, after completion of the full rehabilitation of the airport,” the statement of the Georgian Airports Association reads.

Construction works of the new terminal started in 2017. Photo: United Airports of Georgia.  

Georgia’s Economy Minister Dimitry Kumsishvili examined new terminal construction at Kutaisi International Airport yesterday.

The capacity of the Kutaisi International Airport will be tripled upon the completion of the new terminal. At this point, the airport now serves up to 300 passengers an hour while after the completion of the new terminal it will serve 1000-1100 passengers. Now the number of employees at the airport equals to 450 people and after the terminal becomes operational, it will employ even more people thus providing the new opportunities in the region” said Kumsishvili.

The construction of a new terminal at the Kutaisi International Airport is in active phase. At this stage, 90 percent of concrete works are already completed and upon the full completion of the concrete works by the end of May, the steel structure installation will be launched.

The airport will have six gates. The total area of the new terminal is 24,176 m2.

Dutch firm UNStudio, which completed the terminal building of Kutaisi Airport in 2013, will be responsible for the upcoming extension works and has already unveiled plans, featuring a rooftop plaza.

The number of passengers has been increasing at Kutaisi International Airport, statistics show.

In April 2018, Kutaisi Airport served 40,413 passengers – 12 percent more compared to the same month of 2017.

Last month 156 flights were performed at Kutaisi Airport, which is seven percent year-on-year increase.