Christmas lights illuminate Tbilisi for New Year’s Eve celebration

Freedom Square in central Tbilisi will host the main New Year's Eve celebration on December 31. Photo from Tbilisi City Hall., 16 Dec 2015 - 17:38, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgia's capital Tbilisi has come alive for the festive season.

Millions of small light bulbs on kilometres of chain have been strung up along the main streets in Tbilisi as part of the annual New Year lights decoration that celebrates the festive season.

Last night the lights were switched on for the first time and what a sight to behold. Most of the lights were new – bringing fresh excitement and cheer to Tbilisi.

Several central city streets – Rustaveli Ave, Melikishvili St, Chavchavadze Ave and Kostava St – have been decorated with hundreds of thousands of light and illuminated shapes to bring cheer to the people of Tbilisi.

Outside of the central city other streets did not lack the festive mood either. Glowing figurines previously used in the central city have been fitted with new lightbulbs and now decorate several other districts.

The lighting display illuminates several streets in capital Tbilisi. Photo from Tbilisi City Hall.

Right in the heart of Tbilisi is a brand new New Year’s Tree, symbolising the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016.

Installed at its familiar spot in front of the former Parliament building on Rustaveli Ave, the 22 metre high tree has been decorated using colourful shapes and metres of fairy lights, and will be illuminated on December 19.

New lighting created a festive mood in Tbilisi ahead of New Year's Eve. Photo by Nino Alavidze/

While Tbilisi City Hall was responsible for the New Year's Tree, employees at the Tbilservice company, who clean the city streets and infrastructure, came up with their own version of the customary tree.

The cleaners used their brooms to recreate a tree before adorning it with decorations and lighting.

The special New Year's Tree created by employees of the Tbiliservice company. Photo from Tata Svanidze/Facebook.

To complement the visual display, Tbilisi will host several concerts and performances over 10 days at the end of December.

Starting on December 25, a stage will be set up at Rose Revolution Square to host performances and shows by local artists, such as the Tbilisi Big Band jazz ensemble. There will also be souvenir sales and tastings of traditional sweets.

The new lighting on Chavchavadze Ave in Tbilisi. Photo from Tbilisi City Hall.

The New Year’s celebrations will culminate with a large event at Freedom Square. On December 31 more than 200 artists will take to the stage and entertain the audience with acts in Georgian, European, classical and contemporary musical genres.