Spain vows to act in line with European Commission’s recommendation on Georgia’s EU candidacy

Pascual Ignacio Navarro Ríos noted “my optimistic outlook is towards the best outcome” for Georgia over the matter. Photo: official photo, 12 Dec 2023 - 13:32, Tbilisi,Georgia

Pascual Ignacio Navarro Ríos, the Spanish Secretary of State for European Union Affairs, on Tuesday pledged his Government, the current Chair of the Council of the European Union, would act in line with the recommendations of the European Commission for Georgia to be granted EU membership candidate status. 

Speaking in Brussels before the commencement of the meeting of the Ministers of Foreign and European Affairs of the EU later on Tuesday, the official said the Council of the EU - composed of national ministers from each EU country - would unveil its position over Georgia’s candidacy following the session. 

He noted “my optimistic outlook is towards the best outcome” for the country over the matter. 

The meeting of the Council of the EU comes ahead of the scheduled session of the European Council, the EU body of leaders of the 27 EU member states, on Thursday and Friday, which will decide on Georgia’s candidate status. 

Tbilisi’s official application for EU membership was submitted in March 2022, against the backdrop of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Having been granted a European perspective in June 2022, Georgia is now poised for a milestone decision by the Council. 

The European Commission recommended granting the status to the country on November 8 and set out nine conditions for the subsequent phase of European integration.