Georgian citizens “safe” following unrest in Greek immigrant detention camp - Embassy

The Georgian Embassy in Greece said it was in daily contact with Georgian citizens in the camp. Photo: Georgia in Greece press office, 27 Jul 2023 - 15:26, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Georgian Embassy to Greece on Thursday said all Georgian citizens in the Amygdaleza detention camp for immigrants in western Athens were safe following an unrest caused by the death of an inmate on Wednesday. 

The Embassy said it was in daily contact with Georgian citizens in the camp, the facility’s administration and the Greek law enforcement, and pledged support to the Georgian nationals in returning back to their country. 

However, the mission noted granting the request by several Georgian inmates in the camp to be able to leave the facility was beyond its remit. 

The embassy added none of Georgian citizens had required hospital admission following the incident, which saw a group of inmates set fire to objects and attack riot police, with the latter using tear gas in response. 

The mission noted the Georgian citizen who contacted them over the incident on Wednesday had refused to return to Georgia, citing his official request for asylum in Greece. 

The Embassy also released its hotline number +306952220000 for cases of force majeure or urgent necessity.