Future of Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova “lies within European Union” - Council of the EU

The Council of the European Union has highlighted Georgia’s progress on its EU integration path. Photo: Nino Alavidze/Agenda.ge 

Agenda.ge, 13 Dec 2022 - 18:30, Tbilisi,Georgia

The future of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia and of their citizens lies within the European Union, a document published on Tuesday by the Council of the EU said following a meeting of Government ministers involving the bloc’s member states.

Acknowledging “important steps” made by Georgia in its reform process, and noting the advances had been “highlighted also in the 7th EU-Georgia Association Council in September”, the Council encouraged the country to continue on its reform path and “fully address” the priorities set by the European Commission for obtaining the bloc’s membership candidate status. 

Recalling the “historic decision” of the European Council in June to recognise the European perspective and grant the status of candidate countries to Ukraine and Moldova, the document said the Council “likewise recognised” the European perspective of Georgia and “confirmed its readiness” to grant the country candidate status once the conditions were addressed. 

Russia’s unprovoked and unjustified war of aggression against Ukraine and the new geopolitical reality underline the paramount importance of EU enlargement policy as a strong anchor for peace, democracy, prosperity, security and stability on our continent and a strategic priority”, the Council said. 

The body also called for a further deepening of the EU’s sectoral cooperation with Georgia, on the basis of an “enhanced implementation” of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area deal, signed in 2014 as part of the Association Agreement between the sides.