14 convicted for defrauding tourists in Tbilisi

The Prosecutor General’s Office said the owner of the clubs was among the convicts. Photo: Prosecutor’s office

Agenda.ge, 06 Dec 2022 - 15:30, Tbilisi,Georgia

Tbilisi City Court has found 14 individuals guilty for defrauding tourists in Kalakuri and Royal nightclubs in Georgian capital Tbilisi, the Prosecutor General’s Office said on Monday. 

The body said the offenders had extorted ₾9,340 ($3,417) from foreign nationals - including six citizens of Yemen, Egypt, India, Sudan and Belarus - at the venues in collaboration with the owner.

It explained  the administration of the two clubs had used “artificially inflated” prices for menus after attracting them to the clubs through use of women inviting them for dates at the venues. The targeted individuals were then forced to use the inflated menu prices, the body added, and were pressured by the staff after refusing to pay.

The owner of the two clubs has been sentenced to eight years and six months in prison, and two managers from their staff to eight years each, while plea agreement was reached with several of the offenders considering their cooperation with the investigation and compliance with ensuring compensation for the victims.

The Prosecutor’s Office also said the type of the crime “harm[ed] the country’s tourism image” and prevented the development of the entertainment sector.