Doctor says Georgian nurse who died following AstraZeneca shot did not receive proper medical assistance

Doctor Violeta Inasaridze said that she thought that it was 'a simple reaction, like an allergic reaction'. Photo: TV9., 08 Apr 2021 - 18:40, Tbilisi,Georgia

A doctor at the Imedi Clinic in Akhaltsikhe says 27-year-old nurse Megi Bakradze, who died after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine, was not given proper medical assistance in the first minutes after going into anaphylactic shock.

Violeta Inasaridze, who was called in to testify in a case that was opened following Bakradze’s tragic death, claimed in her first testimony that she gave adrenaline to Bakradze once the latter went into shock; she has now admitted in a modified testimony that she did not actually provide medical care to Bakradze. 

Inasaridze said that she thought that it was 'a simple reaction, like an allergic reaction'.

I have seen something like this very often, it is normal, it could have been emotional, she was an emotional child, and I thought it was not an alarming situation", Inasaridze said.

She said that she had done nothing when seeing Bakradze in this situation and left her with a 'reliable person'.

Inasaridze also said that according to the protocol, it is not the function of the doctor to examine the patient before vaccination. 

In this case, examination means listening to the lungs, looking at the throat, listening to the heart..which did not happen in the case of Bakradze or anyone else. But we give a questionnaire to get information, including asking patient about his/her health condition, and if the information provided by the patients shows that he/she has complaints, then I will examine him/her and if there is a risk of contraindications, I will not conduct the vaccination process", Inasaridze said.

Doctors accused in the case of Bakradze Violeta Inasaridze, Beka Liparteliani and Tea Gzirishvili were sentenced to 3,000 GEL bail each earlier today.

They face two to six years if convicted.