Ruling party, opposition hope to reach agreement at upcoming EU-mediated talks

The talks between the ruling Georgian Dream party and the opposition are likely to resume on March 29 after the EU mediator Christian Danielsson arrives in Georgia for the second time this month. Photo: EU Delegation to Georgia, 27 Mar 2021 - 19:38, Tbilisi,Georgia

A couple of days before the EU-mediated talks between the Georgian ruling party and opposition, both sides express their readiness to reach the final agreement to end the current political crisis in Georgia. 

Ruling party member Mamuka Mdinaradze has stated that the Georgian Dream is ready to continue talks even with the most ‘destructive’ part of the opposition.

However, Mdinaradze noted after the meeting at the Georgian Dream headquarter in downtown Tbilisi earlier today that the ruling party has already made compromising steps and offered solutions to the crisis. 

If opposition will make any constructive steps we will manage to end the negotiations with agreement”, Mdinaradze said.

He meanwhile explained that this is not only in the interests of the  particular parties but the entire country.

It is in the interest of the country that we manage to reach an agreement to continue to work together (...) on the eradication of the damage caused by the pandemic, including its economic affect and other issues which are important for the Georgian society”, he added.

On its part, opposition parties including the United National Movement, European Georgia, Lelo and Girchi - More Freedom have expressed their readiness to enter the parliament if they agree with the current Georgian leadership on holding repeat elections, releasing of political figures as well as carrying out election and judiciary reforms and distribution of power in parliament.

Most of the opposition politicians who have won seats in the tenth convocation of parliament refuse to take up their mandates claiming the elections have been rigged in favour of the ruling party. Photo: Nino Alavidze/

Noting that they are aware of importance of reaching the agreement with the ruling party to end the crisis, part of the opposition politicians have stated today that ‘under the normal political circumstances’ the place of all political forces is in the parliament.  

They meanwhile said in a joint statement earlier today that ‘politicized judiciary’, ‘selective justice’, persecution of opponents, civil activists, critical media and their detention are ‘incompatible with liberal democracy’ and Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic integration.

The talks between the ruling Georgian Dream party and the opposition are likely to resume on Monday after the EU mediator Christian Danielsson arrives in Georgia for the second time this month.

Danielsson, who was sent to Georgia by European Council President Charles Michel on March 12, had spent a week in Georgia, more than scheduled, to help the parties come to an agreement but in vain