Georgian leaders express concern with assault on Capitol Hill, express support for US democracy

  • The group of rioters stormed the Capitol building as electoral college votes were being tallied to confirm the victory of Joe Biden in the presidential election in November. Photo via Sky News., 7 Jan 2021 - 18:33, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Prime Minister and President of Georgia shared their concern with the scenes that unfolded at the US Capitol building in Washington DC on Wednesday, but expressed confidence in American democracy to overcome the crisis.

PM Giorgi Gakharia and President Salome Zurabishvili tweeted their reactions to the events in which four people died after the building was stormed by supporters of President Donald Trump in an effort to halt the tallying of electoral college votes for confirming the victory of Joe Biden in the presidential election in November.

The group of rioters breached the building's security with members of Congress forced to evacuate as police forces tried to contain the attack.

Offices of lawmakers including the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi were stormed in the process, with DC police later revealing they had also recovered pipe bombs outside the offices of Democratic and Republican national committees. Police made 52 arrests during the assault.

In reactions to the events from Georgia, Gakharia tweeted on Thursday, affirming "full solidarity and support" and said attacks on state institutions were "unacceptable".

The Georgian PM added his government was "confident" the American institutions of democracy would "prevail" following the unrest.

Zurabishvili also shared her message on Twitter earlier today, noting US' support for Georgia over the past 30 years and saying Georgia had "looked to the USA as an example".

She also expressed confidence in the "strength, resilience" of state institutions in Washington in the aftermath and said the world needed "a strong [US] to lead the democratic world."