Interior ministry: 8 cases under investigation, one person arrested over alleged violations at polling stations

The ministry briefed reporters as polling stations across the countries closed at 8pm local time. Photo: Nino Alavidze/, 30 Oct 2021 - 20:35, Tbilisi,Georgia

Eight cases of alleged violations and breaking of law are under investigation by the interior ministry, with one individual arrested, as clashes at or outside polling stations across Georgia have been reported on municipal runoff day.

The ministry briefed reporters as the polls closed in the evening on Saturday, revealing alleged confrontations against reporters, party members and citizens, as well as alleged violations of election regulations.

Detailing incidents at and outside polling stations, spokesperson Ketevan Kovziashvili reported on investigations into alleged assaults on reporters in the central Georgian city of Kareli, western cities of Poti and Senaki, as well as the Gonio resort, also in the west.

Representatives of both the ruling party and opposition parties have been involved in committing violations of law in these cases [reported by the ministry]

- Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia

The ministry briefing also mentioned alleged threats against life of a United National Movement opposition party in Senaki, and injuries caused to a citizen following an altercation that was caused by a confrontation over an alleged recording of the exit of a polling station from a vehicle garage in Tbilisi.

In other incidents, physical confrontation in the western city of Zugdidi, and arrests made by police for refusal to comply with their demands by citizens in Zugdidi and Rustavi - the latter outside capital Tbilisi - were mentioned by the ministry spokesperson.

The cases were rounded off by alleged violations of the regulation that outlaws gatherings or recording of personal data in a 100-metre radius around polling stations, deployment of agitational material within 25 metres of the polling locations, and other administrative irregularities.

Local self-government election runoffs were held today in 20 of 64 election constituencies, including the five large cities of Georgia - Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Rustavi, Batumi and Poti. The day has been marked by repeated clashes and confrontations involving party members and activists outside polling stations.