Georgian National Museum hosting display of ancient Pompeii at Tbilisi venue

Wall paintings are among a wide variety of exhibits sourced by organisers of the exhibition. Photo: Annie Davarashvili., 18 Oct 2021 - 14:52, Tbilisi,Georgia

The famed story of the ancient Pompeii and its inhabitants is now on display for visitors of the Georgian National Museum in Tbilisi, following a run of the exhibition Life and Death – Glory of Pompeii in Georgia's west.

At the Museum of Georgia venue in the capital city's downtown, organisers are exhibiting wall paintings, goldsmithery crafts, plaster casts of those who died in the infamous 79CE eruption of the Vesuvius volcano, and other items.

Hosted in a collaborative effort involving Georgian and Italian institutions and companies, the display features exhibits compiled by the Archaeological Park of Pompeii, the body tasked with preservation and promotion of the notable site in Italy.

Miniature sculptures on show at the Pompeii display in Tbilisi. Photo: Annie Davarashvili.

Pompeii has been the subject of archaeological study for the last three centuries, represents a major source for unveiling the everyday life of Roman provincial cities

- Georgian National Museum

Sourced from those unearthed over the past three centuries at the Pompeii site - the location that became a highlight for studying ancient history upon its discovery in 1748 - the collection also features marble sculptures and glass cutlery, among the items.

Currently welcoming visitors at Museum of Georgia in Tbilisi (pictured), the collection was previously on show at the recently renovated Vani Archaeological Museum in Georgia's west in July. Photo: Annie Davarashvili.

Candelabras and torches used by citizens of the Roman city, bronze sculptures of religious and mythological personalities, gold accessories, items of daily use and wealth are some of the other attractions selected for the exposition.

Life and Death – Glory of Pompeii is the latest chapter in a collaboration between the GNM network and a variety of Italian state agencies and companies that has seen exhibitions hosted in Georgia between 2017-2019 about masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance and Baroque, life in ancient Rome and more.

The display will be on show through November 8 at Museum of Georgia, one of the Tbilisi venues of the GNM, located at 3 Shota Rustaveli Avenue.