Public transport, in-person studies suspension extended in Georgia

The Georgian government has prolonged coronavirus restrictions. Photo: Nino Alavidze/, 31 Aug 2021 - 14:48, Tbilisi,Georgia

Public transport in all big cities of Georgia, which was scheduled to resume on September 4, will not work until September 13, while in-person studies have been postponed until October 4 in the country to curb the spread of the coronavirus. 

Inter-city transport will continue to operate. 

Between September 15 and October 4 at least all public schools, universities and vocational education facilities around the country will offer online lessons, while kindergartners, both public and private, will be closed. 

Georgia has reported 4,778 new cases of coronavirus, 4,753 recoveries and 79 deaths in the past 24 hours. 

48,963 individuals are currently infected with Covid-19 in Georgia.

Georgian health officials have warned several times that they will not recommend in-person studies until new cases of coronavirus will seriously decrease and at least 80 per cent of school personnel are vaccinated. 

The Georgian Education Ministry says that after October 4 in-person studies will resume only in cities and settlements where the infection rate will be under four per cent. 

46 percent of Georgian teachers have been fully vaccinated as of August 30. 

1,184,306 individuals have received at least one dose of the vaccine in the country so far, of which  393,764 individuals have been completely vaccinated.