Ruling party supports appointment of judges to supreme court despite calls for moratorium

  • The ruling party will put to a vote the Georgian High Council of Justice’s (HCJ) nine selected candidates in the parliament. Photo: Georgian Dream press office., 23 Jun 2021 - 18:35, Tbilisi,Georgia

The ruling party says that it supports appointing of judges to the country’s supreme court despite calls from the opposition to place a moratorium on the process.

Chair of the ruling party Irakli Kobakhidze said earlier today that the process would not be paused because the party has already fulfilled several conditions stipulated by the agreement between the opposition and the ruling party:

The procedures of candidates’ nomination for the Supreme Court were conducted in accordance with the Constitution of Georgia and the political agreement. No one, not even the Venice Commission, the moderator of the negotiation, nor the ambassadors involved in the negotiation or the political parties have expressed an opinion against it. Consequently, all parties from the outset were aware of the fact that the new law provided for the continuation and completion of the current procedure,” explained Kobakhidze.  

Amendments to the law on the nomination of candidates to the Supreme Court were passed based on the agreement brokered by Charles Michel, president of the European Council. 

Ruling party MP and the vice-speaker of Parliament Archil Talakvadze reminded the opposition that they had signed the agreement, which obliges them to participate in the process.

Lelo for Georgia political party leader Mamuka Khazaradze was one of the first opposition leaders who responded to the ruling party’s decision and suggested the opposition resume its boycott of parliament, calling the move a ‘gross violation’ of the agreement. 

Under no circumstances will we allow you to appoint judges and the country to have a judiciary that is run by one man and is politicised,” said Khazaradze. 

Khazaradze’s proposal was supported by the opposition United National Movement (UNM) party.

Member of United National Movement (UNM) MP Kakha Okriashvili agreed with Khazaradze’s proposal, saying that the Georgian Dream has taken an ‘illegitimate step’ and ‘falsifies the promised reforms of the judiciary.’

Leader of the opposition Strategy Aghmashenebeli party Giorgi Vashadze and Iago Khvichia from Girchi did not support the idea of leaving parliament. 

Giorgi Vashadze stated that he is not going to make a decision, which will damage his party’s position amongst western partners, while Iago khvichia supports the development of common strategies and believes that ‘running and standing elsewhere’ won’t help. 

The ruling party will put to a vote the Georgian High Council of Justice’s (HCJ) nine selected candidates in the parliament.