US, EU embassies, MEPs ‘strongly regret’ UNM refused to sign EU-mediated agreement

  • The United National Movement stated that the EU-mediated agreement contains several ‘unacceptable notes.’ Photo: netgazeti., 31 May 2021 - 11:32, Tbilisi,Georgia

The US and the EU embassies in Georgia and MEP Viola von Cramon have welcomed the recent decision of the United National Movement opposition party to enter the state legislature. 

However, the embassies and the MEP ‘strongly regret’ that the party refused to sign the EU-mediated agreement along with five other opposition parties.

The UNM announced it would be taking up its mandates in parliament late yesterday, after a six-month political standoff, saying that the reason they declined to sign the EU-mediated agreement is that ‘it includes several notes which are unacceptable for us.’ 

The embassies said in a joint statement that the agreement proposed by the European Council President Charles Michel back in April 2021, which was signed by six Georgian political parties and individual MPs, contains topics which are crucial for the country’s further democratic development. 

The UNM shares the responsibility with the other elected parties to engage constructively in parliament to address perceptions of politicized justice, adopt and scrutinise the implementation of ambitious electoral and judicial reform and participate in power-sharing within parliament, among many priorities. This is important work that needs the responsible participation of all of Georgia’s elected leaders,” said the embassies. 

The statement notes that by signing this agreement the UNM would demonstrate its commitment to carry out ‘these fundamental objectives’ in the interest of Georgia, its citizens, EU-Georgia relations and Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic future.

The Georgian Dream ruling party has stated that by entering parliament the UNM ‘admitted the defeat of its destructive political agenda.’ 

In total, nine parties won seats in the 10th convocation of the Georgian parliament in the 2020 parliamentary elections. 

The Georgian Dream ruling party and the United National Movement opposition won the majority of seats in the state legislature, 90 and 34 seats respectively. 

Five of eight opposition parties have signed the EU-mediated agreement and entered the state legislature so far, while the UNM has entered parliament without signing the agreement. 

The European Georgia opposition party and the Labour Party have not entered parliament so far. 

However, four of five MPs who entered the parliament via the list of the European Georgia party have taken up their mandates. 

The Labour Party has one seat in the state legislature.

Georgian opposition parties claim that the Georgian Dream ruling party fabricated the 2020 elections and have been demanding repeat elections for several months. 

The political tension was resolved with the involvement of the EU.