Gov’t issues new decree in response to coronavirus

The first case of Covid-19 was reported in Georgia yesterday. Photo:, 27 Feb 2020 - 14:54, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Georgian government has issued a new decree to prevent the spread of the new, China-born coronavirus Covid-19, making amendments in the January 28 decree following the confirmation of the first case of the coronavirus in the country yesterday. 

 The decree instructs various state agencies to present their action plans against the spread of the respiratory infection and their budgets by March 1, 2020. 

 The decree says that the state must ensure the treatment of infected individuals with the new coronavirus [if their number increases], without any delay or difficulties in treatment of other individuals in the country. 

 The state agencies must also ensure wide involvement of the media and public around the issue and provide updated and correct information to the public regarding the coronavirus.

The state agencies and ministries will present their plans this week. Photo: government of Georgia press office. 

  •  The Georgian Health Ministry and the National Disease Control Centre must ensure provision of information on the screening procedure and the forwarding of samples to the lab of the World Health Organisation for additional studies if it is required. They must also place individuals with suspicious symptoms in quarantine, inform and train medical personnel. 
  •  The Ministry of Internal Affairs must coordinate all preventive measures regarding the coronavirus and safety of medical institutions, as well as assist in the transportation of patients. 
  •  The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be charged with informing foreign embassies regarding the measures taken by the Georgian government against the spread of the coronavirus. The ministry must also inform the Georgian government regarding the Georgian citizens living in the countries experiencing the spread or the outbreak of the virus, as well as to discuss visa restrictions with countries with large numbers of infected people. 
  •  The Ministry of Finance was tasked to ensure the management of passengers arriving in the country via international airports and checkpoints, as well as transit passengers and collecting anamneses. 
  •  The Ministry of Economy must inform the tourism industry regarding the coronavirus situation in the country and make decisions on the suspension of direct flights. 
  •  The Ministry of Education must ensure preventive measures at educational institutions.