Covid-infected taxi driver, his accomplice fined for violating self-isolation rules in Tbilisi

Police fined both individuals with 2,000 GEL each and took them to a Covid-hotel for quarantine. Photo: Shot form interior ministry video, 05 Dec 2020 - 11:02, Tbilisi,Georgia

A taxi driver and his accomplice - both infected with coronavirus - have been fined by police for violating self-isolation rules. 

The Georgian Interior Ministry reported yesterday that the two individuals were fined while driving on a car at Abashidze street in Tbilisi. 

The ministry further reported that both of the individuals have been registered as Covid-infected since November 27. However, instead of isolation they have been driving with passengers.

The interior ministry released  a video footage:

Calling on the citizens to adhere to the coronavirus-related regulations introduced on November 26, the interior ministry has fined a total of 991 individuals over the last 24 hours.