Georgia building 140 km of new highways, 70 km of which to open in 2020

  • PM Gakharia opened two new lanes on the 19-kilometer section of the Kutaisi bypass road today. Photo: Gov't of Georgia., 3 Jul 2020 - 13:24, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgia is currently building 140 kilometers of new large highways, of which a total of 70 km roads will be opened by the end of 2020, says Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia.

There will be additional two lanes on the Kutaisi bypass road, Khashuri bypass road, Japana-Lanchkhuti section of Samtredia-Grigoleti road. These are the sections of our international highways that will open during the summer and autumn, by the end of this year. Also, the roads of Rikoti Pass, Grigoleti-Kobuleti and Batumi bypass are under construction and our citizens who travel on these roads see that works are underway. The planning of the Kvesheti-Kobi road is also underway", Gakharia said. 

Construction of two new lanes on the 19-kilometer section of the Kutaisi bypass road has been completed and starting today movement in both western and eastern directions will be one-way. 

When opening the road today, Gakharia said that the construction of the remaining 22.3 km section of the road will be completed by the end of 2020, after which the Kutaisi bypass road will be fully four-lane and one-way in both directions.

To improve traffic safety, the Georgian government has funded the construction of two new lanes of the Kutaisi bypass road from the state budget with about  200,255,000 GEL.

Gakharia said that in one week one more section of the Samtredia-Grigoleti road will be opened and by autumn the Khashuri bypass road will also be opened. 

Gakharia said that last year a record 804 km of roads were repaired.