Georgia defeats Romania in Rugby Europe Championship

  • Georgian ‘Lelos’ handed a defeat to Romania 18 to 9 and also won the Antim Cup. Photo: Georgian Rugby, 9 Feb 2019 - 22:33, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgia’s national rugby team has defeated Romania  in the Rugby Europe Championship in Romanian city of Cluj.  

In the first game of the championship Georgian ‘Lelos’ handed a defeat to Romania 18 to 9 and also won the Antim Cup.

Named after Metropolis of Muntenia and Dobrudja Anthim the Iberian, who was originally a Georgian, the cup contested each time Georgia and Romania meet in a senior international match other than World Cup matches or qualifiers.

Georgian national rugby team will hold its second match against Spain at Avchala Stadium in Tbilisi on February 17.

Rugby Europe Championship is the premier rugby union competition outside of the Six Nations Championship in Europe in which Georgia, Germany, Russia, Spain, Belgium and Romania compete for the title.