State Inspector says investigator made threats to minor, violated law

 State Inspector Londa Toloraia said that a minor was alone at a police station for 20 minutes and not for two-three minutes as the Interior Ministry reported earlier. Photo: State Inspector’s Office., 20 Dec 2019 - 12:49, Tbilisi,Georgia

 State Inspector Londa Toloraia, who is investigating causes behind the death of 15-year-old Luka Siradze, says that investigator Mariana Choloiani, who has been sent to pretrial detention, made threats to the minor that if he had not admitted to the crime his brother would have had problems. 

 Toloraia said that the investigator violated the law when she opposed Siradze with other minors during the interrogation, “the process which ultimately stressed the minors.” 

 She says that a psychologist was not present during the interrogation and a parent had to leave the minor alone at the police station “for 20 minutes.” 

Toloraia said that the reason why the minor was left alone at the police station was the request of the police to the parent to bring some mandatory documents from home. 

 She stated that there is a video footage of the 20 minutes the minor spent alone. However, there is no audio recording, as the law prohibits the surveillance of the police personnel in the working environment in most cases. 

 The minor died at a hospital on December 17 after attempting suicide on December 11, shortly after his interrogation at Didube-Chugureti police station. 

 The minor was summoned for interrogation for allegedly damaging the property of a private school where he had studied for several years and writing vulgar phrases on its wall.