Investigator convicted after minor’s death released before end of term

 Investigator Mariana Choloiani was sentenced to three years in prison following the death of minor Luka Siradze back in 2019. Photo: IPN., 05 Aug 2021 - 14:01, Tbilisi,Georgia

Investigator Mariana Choloiani, who was sentenced to three years in prison for ‘applying psychological pressure’ to 15-year-old Luka Siradze back in 2019 who later committed suicide, has been early released from prison, her lawyer Gagi Mosiashvili has confirmed. 

Choloiani has been released by the decision of a council of the Special Penitentiary Service of Georgia ‘for exemplary behaviour in prison.’ 

Siradze committed suicide on December 17, 2019.

After the death of the minor, his family and lawyer said that law enforcers and investigator Choloiani had exerted psychological pressure on the minor, coercing him into admitting to the crime of damaging the property of the Mtsvane School in Tbilisi and writing vulgar phrases on its walls.

Now Siradze’s family says that the early release of Choloiani ‘is an insult to the family.’ 

Her friends or former colleagues used the current situation in the country and helped her leave prison after serving only 1.5 years,” Siradze’s brother said. 

The Lelo opposition party says that the Special Penitentiary Service ‘must provide explanations’ on the issue.