Artists David Meskhi, Nata Sopromadze in spotlight with Project ArtBeat display

The two creatives are bringing their distinct projects exploring death and the human body in motion. Photos: Nata Sopromadze/David Meskhi/Project ArtBeat., 29 Aug 2019 - 17:08, Tbilisi,Georgia

Shots of human bodies in motion and a printing technique placing people on gravestone images will bring the work of photographers David Meskhi and Nata Sopromadze to viewers in an exhibition hosted by Tbilisi-based Project ArtBeat starting today.


In the dual display, the downtown Project ArtBeat Gallery will highlight the two creatives with their shows Keep Falling and Death Shop, titled after the subject themes of the featured photographs.


In the former, a focus of Meskhi’s artistic practice on dynamics and suspension of bodies will be explored through exhibits informed by his lifelong impressions.


The brief feeling of weightlessness when the body reaches the highest point, pausing momentarily before reversing direction and gravity pulls it back towards the ground, except the last step never happens in my photography,” the artist explained in preview of his series.