Russian occupation forces continue erecting ‘border’, seizing agricultural land plots in Gori Municipality [Video]

The occupants have been intensively working for two days already. Photo: Nino Alavidze/, 15 Aug 2019 - 13:27, Tbilisi,Georgia

Russian occupation forces have resumed the so-called border installation in the village of Gugutiantkari, Gori Municipality early this morning.

Locals say the occupants have been intensively working for two days already, installing metal constructions and barbed wires.

Local resident Tinatin Gugutishvili told Interpressnews that some agricultural land plots have ended up on the other side of the so-called ‘border.’ 

We ask the Georgian government to use all its levers to stop this process,” Gugutishvili said.

Take a look at how the occupants are working:


Two residential houses and an irrigation reservoir supplying Gugutiantkari and surrounding villages with water are also beyond the new occupation line. 

The occupation forces erected border posts on August 7 and stopped afterwards.

Starting yesterday, August 14, occupation forces resumed the erection of a so-called border.