‘Georgian Milk’ – new mark to promote natural milk products

  • Products made from only natural or raw milk will be given the mark of ‘Georgian Milk’.

Agenda.ge, 22 Jan 2019 - 17:44, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgia is taking action to promote products made from natural milk, while safeguarding consumers’ rights and balancing competition between milk producing companies.

Products made from natural or raw milk and not containing milk powder or any other vegetable oil will be given the mark of ‘Georgian Milk’.

The aim of the mark is to make natural milk products more popular and also give an informative choice to consumers to buy natural milk products or those which are made with milk powder.

The new mark has been developed with the aim of promoting products made from natural milk. Photo: Nino Alavidze/agenda.ge.

All milk factories in Georgia which are registered and have a HACCP certificate (an international standard defining the requirements for effective control of food safety), will have the right to use the label ‘Georgian Milk’.

Today, already 15 companies have applied to be granted use of the ‘Georgian Milk’ mark.

An independent organisation will conduct regular audits of milk factories and will upload the results on georgianmilk.ge which will be launched in March, this year.

Also, from 1 March technical regulations on ‘Provision of Food Information to the Consumers – Rule of Food Labelling’ will come into force, announced Georgia’s Ministry of Agriculture today.

The presentation of the ‘Georgian Milk’ mark was held today in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi where about 70 milk product companies and representatives from supermarkets, agricultural markets, sectoral associations and governmental structures were in attendance. 

The event was supported by Georgia’s Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture and was organised by and the Alliances programme, which is a Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) project, working in the livestock market system in Georgia, implemented by Mercy Corps Georgia.