Moscow says Georgian gov’t, public reacted correctly to TV anchor’s insulting Russian president

  • The Russian Foreign Ministry says that insults hurled at the Russian president by a Georgian journalist was a provocation staged by ‘radical political forces’ in Georgia. Photo:, 8 Jul 2019 - 14:47, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Russian Foreign Ministry has called insults against Russian President Vladimir Putin by Georgian TV anchor Giorgi Gabunia “unacceptable,” but said that the Georgian government and people have responded to the event “in the right way.” 

The ministry says that the “unacceptable attack on the Russian government” was the provocation of radical forces in Georgia [earlier Russia said that the radical forces are several Georgian opposition parties, like the United National Movement], which aim to “undermine Russia-Georgia relations.”

We note that this time, unlike the attack on June 20 on Russian MPs [in Tbilisi], the Georgian authorities did not justify the radicals, but found the strength to dissociate themselves from the provocateurs and condemn their behavior. We also see the fair indignation with which the incident was perceived by Georgian society,” the Russian Foreign Ministry reports.

Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov repeated that the Georgian government unanimously condemned the incident, adding that “what happened is a big embarrassment for Georgians.”

Gabunia used offensive language against Putin in his live show late yesterday, receiving backlash both from the government and ordinary citizens, who believe that what the journalist did was a ‘provocation,’ which presents a threat to the state. 

Russian MP Yevgen Primakov Jr. has called for a freeze on Russia-Georgia relations.