Four accused of fraud by Finance Ministry Investigative Service

Those accused face six to nine years in jail. Photo: Investigative Service/facebook., 24 Apr 2019 - 16:03, Tbilisi,Georgia

Four people have been accused of fraud, including the misappropriation of state property, negligence and falsification of documents by the Investigative Service of Georgian Finance Ministry.

An investigation established that one of the construction companies’ directors renovated residential building roofs in Kvemo Kartli region and artificially increased the work volume in the documents and illegally received 59,000 GEL this way.

One of the accused renovated the residential building roofs in Kvemo Kartli. Photo: Investigative Service/facebook.

A municipality employee was obliged to monitor the works: he did not properly fulfill his duties and confirmed the work by signing.

The investigation also established that false conclusions by experts were issued confirming the work noted in the documents were in full compliance with the real work conducted.

Those accused face six to nine years in jail.