Georgian writing in UNESCO publication introducing world alphabets

The 'Writing Peace' publication was released by UNESCO within its Programme of Action for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence., 18 Jan 2018 - 18:47, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Georgian alphabet has been featured in a new UNESCO publication that aims to introduce the world’s writing systems to interested readers.

Writing Peace, a 39-page brochure available online, was created to "make the world a little more familiar” to readers looking to learn about characteristics of different alphabets.

Featuring 22 writing systems from around the world, the publication includes Georgian alongside alphabets like Chinese, Greek and Roman.

With a brief introduction to the Georgian alphabet, short historical notes and explanation of the three different systems of Georgian writing are available in the section.

The Writing Peace publication was created within UNESCO Programme of Action for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence, adopted in November 11.

The three writing systems of the Georgian language were recognised as part of UNESCO's Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity last year.

The Georgian alphabet is also featured prominently in the project for representing Georgia as Guest of Honour at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair, a major literary event in Europe.