US Congressmen: "We have great admiration for the progress being made in Georgia”

The US delegation is composed of the Congressmen: Peter Roskam, David Price, Gerry Connolly and Adrian Smith. Photo: Parliament’s press office., 25 Feb 2017 - 18:24, Tbilisi,Georgia

A bipartisan delegation of the House of Representatives of the United States Congress, headed by Congressman Peter Roskam, is in Tbilisi today to meet with Georgian officials.

Earlier today the delegation met with Georgian Parliament Speaker Irakli Kobakhidze, following which the US officials praised the progress Georgia has achieved in recent years.

"We are here today to communicate a very clear message and that is one of a commitment from the United States Congress on a bipartisan basis to the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Georgia as a nation”, Congressman Roskam said.

He claimed that the US has an admiration for the people of Georgia and the decisions being made to forward the country. 

"We recognise that there is pressure from the authoritarian regimes right on your border and the decision Georgia is making to move forward and maintain democratic principles and continues to be interested in integration into western-style democracy is a very significant and powerful thing”, he said.

"We are here as partners, we are here as friends and we are here to reiterate that level of commitment”.

Congressman David Price also voiced his support for Georgia. He stressed Georgia’s role in NATO peacekeeping missions, too, during which the country has lost 31 soldiers.

"Our country has a great admiration for this country, for the struggle that you have undergone over the past many years, for the support you have shown to our military operations, our joint interests in Afghanistan in particular, with 31 Georgian lives lost”, he said.

"We will go home renewed in our determination to tell our colleagues and constituents of the progress that is being made in this part of the world”, he added.

Watch the full press conference below. 

The US delegation is composed of Congressmen Peter Roskam (Illinois), David Price (North Caroline), Gerry Connolly (Virginia) and Adrian Smith (Nebraska).