UN Security Council voices support for Georgia

Georgia joined global celebrations as the UN marked its 69th anniversary on October 24, 2014. Photo by N. Alavidze / Agenda.ge
Agenda.ge, 10 Dec 2016 - 13:20, Tbilisi,Georgia

"When there is a war in Syria, Africa and Aleppo and Georgia-related issues are still voiced in the United Nations Security Council, it’s very important for us,” says Georgia’s permanent representative to the United Nations (UN) Kakha Imnadze.

Earlier this week UN Security Council member Ukraine initiated a discussion on the issue of the signing of a deal between Russia and de facto Abkhazia on an illegal military deal at a closed Council meeting.

Imnadze said the initiative was supported by all but one UN Council member states. The only member state against the discussion was Russia.

All other countries made statements in support of Georgia,” said Imnadze, adding it was "very important” that Georgia was still an "actual issue” despite all the other conflicts and wars occurring in the world.

In November, Russia's president Vladimir Putin signed a military deal between Russia and Georgia’s occupied Abkhazia region regarding the creation of joint military troops. The main task of the combined military force was "adequate reaction to an armed attack (aggression)”.

This joint group would involve Russian troops and be deployed in occupied Abkhazia. It would also include two Abkhazian motorised infantries, artillery and aviation groups as well as special forces units.

The group will be led by a Russian military representative.