Berlin event to showcase Georgian electronic music producers

The cover for the limited run vinyl recording of Georgian producers, to be presented in Berlin. Photo: project organisers., 18 Sep 2017 - 17:38, Tbilisi,Georgia

Six of Georgia's most fascinating electronic music producers will showcase the contemporary trends of the local scene in Berlin this week with a new recording, as the two countries celebrate a diplomatic anniversary.

Titled DE - Sounds from Georgia, the vinyl release will be unveiled on Thursday at the Silent Green Kulturquartier venue in Germany's capital and followed by a performance.

The compilation brings together tracks produced by Rezo Glonti, MYI, Irakli, Natalie Beridze, Zesknel and Severiane - Georgian artists based in the two countries.

Released by the Intergalactic Research Institute for Sound music label, the vinyl is aimed at presenting "artists of different backgrounds getting together in order to showcase the dynamic influences within the Georgian scene".

Tbilisi is getting worldwide recognition at the moment for its booming club scene, but what this project aims to illustrate is what is happening outside of the club context."
what is Georgian art nowadays, when so many artists from this origin are scattered around? As Giorgi Maisuradze states in his mission statement for DE, 'the world is their home'," said a release for the project.

Limited to 400 copies, the recording features artists whose productions have been noted in Georgia as well as by prestigious international publications such as Electronic Beats for their influence in Georgia's underground electronic music scene.

Among them is Natalie Beridze, also known for her alias TBA and as the first female electronic music artist from the country.

The group also includes Rezo Glonti, noted for having "built his studio inside the hull of his boat", as well as Zesknel, a resident of Tbilisi's internationally recognised Bassiani club.

Other artists on the compilation feature MYI and Severiane, two producers who emerged on the local scene through digital music platforms and "word-of-mouth", said the release for the Berlin event.

The unveiling of the recording falls within the ongoing year-long celebrations of 25 years of diplomatic relations between Georgia and Germany.

Other anniversary events coming up include the festival Camera Obscura: Berlin x Tbilisi, set to mark artistic connection between the Georgian and German capitals by showcasing artists from the two countries starting tomorrow.