Berlin display explores queer experiences of post-Soviet South Caucasus

Untitled Gallery Tbilisi is collaborating with The Institute for Endotic Research, the venue hosting the exhibition, for the artistic reflection of experiences of queer communities in the context of the post-Soviet space. Photo via Untitled Gallery Tbilisi., 16 Feb 2022 - 18:42, Tbilisi,Georgia

Works by young queer artists from South Caucasus are being displayed at The Institute for Endotic Research in Berlin to explore experiences of the community throughout the tumultuous three decades since the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

Bringing together artwork from a selection of creatives residing across the region - from Tbilisi to Yerevan, Baku and Sokhumi - the exhibition, entitled Post-Post: Queer Caucasus, is seen as a retrospective reflection by the community still marginalised in societies in the Caucasus.

Set up in the "safe space" of the venue in the German capital through its collaboration with Untitled Gallery Tbilisi, it offers a look on both the challenges and artistic opportunities brought to the societies in question by the historical era, organisers have said.

Curated by Giorgi Rodionov, the Tbilisi-based artist and curator and Untitled Gallery Tbilisi founder, the display asks questions on impacts caused by collapse of empires, and resulting developments throwing previously certain "plans and utopias" into uncertainty, as has happened to the social structures and fabrics in the post-Soviet space.