British artist Marquis Hawkes releases record based on Georgian mythology

Marquis Hawkes has centred his latest release around the theme of Georgian mythology. Photo:, 30 Apr 2019 - 18:22, Tbilisi,Georgia

British electronic artist Marquis Hawkes has released a musical recording of tracks reflecting realms of Georgian mythology, with the collection launched on Tbilisi-based Horoom label.


Hawkes, a London-born producer and DJ who has released works starting in 1997, revealed Skneli, his latest recording, to his social media followers on Monday.


Taking its name from the Georgian word for “realm”, the British artist also dedicated each of the tracks in it to the theme, with the three included pieces named Zeskneli, or “upper realm”, Ukana Skneli, for “back realm” and Qveskneli, the Georgian for “lower realm”.




A1 Zeskneli takes us to the white heavens, where the gods reside. A raw and hypnotic house track, deep and celestial. On the B-side we are bound to the earthly plane of Ukana Skneli [...] [The artist’s] vision of the underworld Kveskneli is rich in soul and unapologetically dancy,” said a summary for the release on Juno Records distribution platform.


The profile for the record also said the producer showcased his “funky side” — a characteristic influence stemming from Haskes’ background — with the release.


Skneli is also the second release for Horoom, a sub-label of Tbilisi’s internationally recognised underground club and label Bassiani.





The design for the record features the word ‘skneli’ , and names for featured tracks, in medieval Georgian writing. Photo:


Recordings released on the former label reflect the softer, house genre-oriented sounds heard in Horoom, a separate space in the Bassiani venue, compared to the raw techno music heard on the main stage.


Earlier this month Hawkes joined Kvanchi, a Georgian producer and DJ, for a show at Horoom to mark the new recording of the former.