Zip line attraction opens for visitors at Tbilisi’s botanical garden

The descent on the zip line starts at the Natikala fortress hillside overlooking the park. Photo: Georgian National Tourism Administration press office., 23 Jun 2017 - 15:51, Tbilisi,Georgia

Visitors and locals of Georgia's capital Tbilisi can now enjoy the scenery of the city's popular botanical garden from a bird's eye perspective after a zip line running above the park was launched at the location earlier today.

Strung from the hilltop Narikala Fortress overlooking the city, the line is suspended 30 metres above the park and runs 270 metres to its destination platform.

The National Botanical Garden of Georgia previewed their new attraction starting last week, saying the zip line would enable visitors to travel from Narikala to the central area of the garden.

Organisers also released a short video showcasing professional zipliners descending on the cable on Thursday while capturing their travel on selfie sticks.

The botanical garden was selected as the destination of the zip line attraction for its popularity as a quiet spot in an otherwise busy central Tbilisi area, as well as its rich collection of flora.

The zip line descends into the botanical garden, a popular recreational spot in Tbilisi. Photo: National Botanical Garden of Georgia.

Dating back to 1636, the park features corners with vegetation from across Georgia and various regions of the world.

In its most recent addition, a corner featuring Japanese greenery and traditional design was unveiled in the garden last year, following an initiative launched in 2015.