Film in Georgia:
Hollywood filmmakers learn about cash rebate program

Georgia is offering a cash rebate program to top international film producers to entice them to film in Georgia. Photo from Matt Clark/Flickr., 20 Apr 2016 - 17:42, Tbilisi,Georgia

Hollywood film companies and industry experts from the United States (US) are learning about Georgia, its lush landscape and the state cash rebate program for filmmakers who choose to film in Georgia.

A team of Georgian film experts are in holding meetings in the US – the home of Hollywood – to entice the filmmakers to explore Georgia and reap the benefits of filming there.

Over the coming days, representatives from some of the largest film companies including Disney and Motion Picture Association of America will hear about the opportunities to cooperate with Georgian partners, as well as the opportunities of producing a film in Georgia.

A Georgian team of industry insiders began a five-day business trip today. The team is being led by managers from Enterprise Georgia, the official body organising the cash rebate program, and the Georgian National Film Centre.

Film in Georgia launched earlier this year to offer filming incentives to foreign producers. Photo from Enterprise Georgia/Facebook.

While abroad they will meet people from the US cinema field and promote the Film in Georgia incentive that includes returning up to 25% of filming expenses to producers.

The visit will also see the Georgian side present Georgian film production companies to potential partners and a photo exhibition of possible filming locations in Georgia.

Film in Georgia has already attracted interest from international film producers.

In the first of the three stages of promoting the cash rebate program, representatives from Georgia's state offices met filmmakers from India, who showed great interest in the scheme. The Indian filmmakers are expected to visit Georgia next month to study filming locations for their upcoming works.

Meanwhile following the meetings in the US, the Film in Georgia team will meet producers in Europe to demonstrate the advantages of producing in the post-Soviet country.

Film in Georgia launched earlier this year as part of the state program Produce in Georgia.

In line with filming incentives, state agencies in the country also planned to launch a film commission to reduce the level of bureaucratic procedures for producers in Georgia.