Georgian students design unique bulletproof vest

  • (picture) The team of young inventors met experts from Delta alongside Minister of Education and Science of Georgia Tamar Sanikidze (second from right). Photo from, 9 Mar 2016 - 18:30, Tbilisi,Georgia

Testing is about to begin on a new military-grade bulletproof vest designed by Georgian students.

If successful, Georgia's State Military Scientific Centre Delta could begin producing the military protection equipment and roll out the products to Georgian soldiers serving locally and abroad.

Delta experts welcomed the young inventors from a public school in western Georgia to the scientific centre earlier this week.

After learning more about the uniquely designed bulletproof vest, Delta agreed to manufacture a test version of the vest for evaluation.

Manager of the Inventors Club of the Khoni Public School No.2 Mikheil Koshitadze spoke to Maestro TV about the invention. He told hosts of the Business Morning program about how his team of students had developed a personal armoured vest that prevented structural deformation upon bullet impact.

The young inventors said their invention featured usual bulletproof vest protection from bullets but it further safeguarded its wearer from sustaining damage from the deformed vest after it was hit by a bullet.

The team's innovative layer of cubes for the vest held air under pressure and was expected to absorb kinetic energy received by the vest upon bullet impact.

Common armoured vests prevented bullet wounds but often the wearer was still injured after the vests typically deformed two to eight centimetres inwards.

Koshitadze told the morning program the vest used same material as normal bulletproof armour and only differed in its construction, making its manufacturing easier.

Delta will evaluate a test version of the vest before making a decision on whether to commission it for production.

The Scientific Centre manufactured advanced defence and civilian equipment including unmanned aerial vehicles and military hardware for the Georgian Armed Forces.