Georgian painter Merab Abramishvili’s works sell at major auctions

  • Merab Abramishvili's 2001 work 'Peacock'. Photo from Christie's., 5 Dec 2016 - 17:51, Tbilisi,Georgia

Several works by late Georgian painter Merab Abramishvili (1957-2006) have new owners after being purchased at two major international auctions in London, the United Kingdom last week.

Four pieces of artwork by Mbramishvili were sold at Christie's Auction on November 28 and at Sotheby's Auction two days later.

The pieces Peacock and Gethsemane were purchased by undisclosed buyers for £6,875 ($8,594) and £8,750 ($10,938) respectively at the Christie's auction.


The Christie's Auction sold Abramishvili's 2002 work 'Gethsemane'. Photo from Christie's.

The piece titled Peacock was created by Abramishvili in 2001, while Gethsemane was painted in 2002.

Created using the tempera painting method on canvas, the two works feature Abramishvili's trademark style aimed to create paintings resembling the medieval frescoes in colour and texture.

Meanwhile the Sotheby's Auction on November 30 saw two other works by the late Georgian sold to art enthusiasts. At the international art auction his 1999 work Fern and 2000 piece Piano went up for sale.

The paintings were sold for £8,750 ($11,120) and £11,250 ($14,300) respectively.

Abramishvili's 2000 work 'Piano' was sold at Sotheby's Auction House in London. Photo from Sotheby's.

Earlier this year, two of Abramishvili's works were also sold at Sotheby's to art collectors.

The sold artwork included the 1993 creation Three Hundred Aragvians, his first widely-known painting, and his 2004 work Leopard.

Born in Georgia in 1957, Abramishvili attended classes at the art studio of Georgian painter and graphical artist Alexander Bandzeladze from 1972 to 1976 before he graduated from the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts in 1981.

Abramishvili's works featured at numerous exhibitions across Europe, with some of his paintings still found at the Georgian National Museum as well as at venues and private collections in Germany, the United States, Finland and beyond.