Finland ratifies EU-Georgia Association Agreement

Fifteen EU member states have already ratified the EU-Georgia important deal., 28 Mar 2015 - 14:19, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Parliament of Finland has ratified the Association Agreement (AA) between Georgia and the European Union (EU).

The document was approved at its second hearing. 

Furthermore, the Georgia-EU AA deal was also discussed and approved by the legislative body of Åland, the Swedish-speaking autonomous region of Finland.

Now, Finnish President Sauli Niinisto must sign the document for the ratification process to be officially completed.

The AA deal was signed by Georgia and the EU on June 27, 2014 in Brussels.

Georgia has already ratified the agreement. The ratification process is currently continuing in EU member states. EU Association deals need to be ratified by all 28 EU member countries before the agreement can be fully implemented.

European Parliament approved the EU-Georgia deal on December 18, 2014.

Finland was the 15th EU member state to ratify the EU-Georgia deal. Other countries who have already ratified the important deal are Germany, Poland, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Croatia, Romania, Hungary, Estonia, Slovakia, Malta, Latvia, Lithuania and Bulgaria.