Imereti cooperatives begin producing wine with EU funds

Sazano Winery received 76,642 GEL in grants from ENPARD while Terjola Wine benefited from 74,367 GEL.Photo by ENPARD., 24 Sep 2015 - 13:20, Tbilisi,Georgia

Two agricultural cooperatives in Georgia’s Imereti region - Terjola Wine and Sazano Winery - are beginning to produce wine and improve the quality of bottles and current labelling systems thanks to European Union (EU) funds. 

Both cooperatives received co-financing and technical support from the EU-funded European Neighbourhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD) through its implementing partner People in Need-Czech Republic.

Sazano Winery received 76,642 GEL from ENPARD while Terjola Wine benefited from 74,367 GEL.

With this money Sazano Winery will produce local wines prepared in accordance with European standards. It is believed about 600 litres of wine will be produced in the first year of operation at Sazano Winery.

Meanwhile, Terjola Wine received technical equipment that would support production, bottling and labelling of high quality wine through ENPARD. During its first year of operation Terjola Wine will produce three different types of Georgian wines with a total volume of 2,850 litres, with sales expected to reach 72,456 GEL. 

The ENPARD grants scheme aimed to increase the efficiency of agricultural production and revenue by financially promoting sustainable models of business-oriented agricultural cooperatives.  

The grants were awarded following a selection process, of which more than 700 small farming groups applied for ENPARD support. The cooperatives who applied for the grants received trainings in business planning and organisational development, as well as technical advice from agricultural experts. 

Successful cooperatives produced high quality business plans and received co-financing and technical support from ENPARD.