State offers greater support for agricultural cooperatives

16 500 tons of products were produced bt the agriculture cooperatives in 2014. Photo by Agenda,ge/Nino Alavidze, 21 Jul 2016 - 18:09, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Government of Georgia is increasing its support for agricultural cooperatives, making it easier for them to do business.

A new program was recently approved by the Government to encourage the activities of about 1,564 cooperative farms by providing technical equipment for them.

Within the program the cooperatives will receive 30 percent co-financing from the state to purchase agricultural equipment to farm their crops.

Cooperatives that operate in high mountainous regions of Georgia will experience greater benefits from the program.

Cooperatives registered in Georgia’s high mountainous regions will receive 40 percent co-financing from state. About 50 percent of sharers of such cooperatives are Internally Displaced Persons, women and young people,” announced the Government of Georgia.

In general the new program aimed to increase the productivity of cooperatives, make their products more competitive in local and international markets, and bring greater returns for farmers. 

Cooperatives wanting to receive this state support should visit to register.