Landslide isolates small settlement from Tbilisi

The road linking Tskneti and Akhaldaba became the landslide epicentre,, 14 Jun 2015 - 14:48, Tbilisi,Georgia

Dozens of people have been helicoptered to safety after a major landslide isolated Akhaldaba village, which lies nine kilometres away from capital Tbilisi, from the rest of the region.

Akhaldaba and Tskneti, two small settlements with several hundreds of summer houses, were the epicentre of a landslide after major rain and flooding last night. 

Rescue teams worked in the area to find the people who were reported missing following the mudslide.

The road linking Akhaldaba and Tskneti collapsed and turned into a deep ravine full of debris.

See the pictures below. All of the photos were taken by Ilia Margishvili, a man who managed to get from Tskneti to Akhaldaba on foot to make sure his parents were safe in the troubled village.

The road that used to link Tskneti and Akhaldaba now looks like this.