US Embassy: At this moment Georgia asking for MAP

Bridget Brink explained to media what the President Obama's comments reflected., 28 Mar 2014 - 16:11, Tbilisi,Georgia

Deputy Chief of Mission at US Embassy to Georgia, Bridget Brink says the US President Barack Obama's comments reflected the fact that Georgia at this moment is asking for Membership Action Plan, not membership. 

Commenting to journalists on Obama's recent statement, Brink mentioned that the United States supports Georgia's integration into Euro-Atlantic institutions, including NATO "and the reforms that are needed to achieve that."

"That question will be discussed by the alliance in the run up to the summit later this year in the UK in the context of alliance's policy of an open door," she added.

The US President Barack Obama stated two days earlier that "there has not been any immediate plans for expansion of NATO’s membership.”

"Neither Ukraine or Georgia are currently on a path to NATO membership,” Obama said.

"For non-members, we want to support those countries based on our belief in principles and ideals that are important not just in Europe but around the world, including territorial integrity and sovereignty,” the US President claimed.