Georgian Communications Commission member highlights domestic market support efforts in World Summit on Information Society

Ekaterine Imedadze addressed the World Summit on the Information Society. Photo: ComCom, 20 Mar 2023 - 14:12, Tbilisi,Georgia

Ekaterine Imedadze, a member of the Communications Commission of Georgia, addressed the World Summit on the Information Society with comments about the development of the information technologies and the role of the regulatory body in the process, the Commission said on Monday.

Representing the body responsible for broadcasting and electronic communication in the country, Imedadze made her remarks at the event that closed on Friday in Geneva.

She shared information about initiatives of the Commission for promoting competition in the market by removing barriers to entry and introducing new technology. 

She told the audience of the Summit the Commission was creating a “supportive and competitive” environment for market players, following “various European models”, in order to promote investments.

Reviewing regional opportunities for Georgia, Imedadze noted it was important for the regulatory agency to create a data exchange centre in the country and contribute to efforts of transforming it into a digital hub of the South Caucasus using underwater digital corridors. 

The five-day Summit was sponsored by the United Nations and hosted industry professionals from information and communications sectors in experience-sharing and networking.