Georgia’s new defence code “positively” evaluated by diplomatic missions

  • The Georgian Defence Ministry officials on Thursday briefed foreign missions about the country’s new defence code. Photo: Defence Ministry press office, 16 Mar 2023 - 14:54, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Georgian Ministry of Defence on Thursday said foreign diplomatic missions in the country had “positively” evaluated the country’s new defence code that introduces systemic changes to the Georgian Defence Forces and the compulsory military service.

The body said its officials on Thursday briefed the foreign diplomats accredited in the country over the regulations that have been submitted to the Parliament for approval.

The new document designates the Ministry as the only body ensuring compulsory military service from 2025, in a departure from the previous arrangement when different state structures ensured its fulfilment, in addition to introducing other changes.

Describing the code as “another important step for the strengthening of the Georgian army and its institutional development”, the Ministry officials told the diplomats it had considered “best practices of the world's leading countries”, as well as Georgia’s security and defence goals, while drafting the document. 

The body also highlighted the new code created a “solid foundation for the military reserve system,” which it said was “important” for strengthening the country’s defence capabilities. 

It noted the representatives of the diplomatic corps, NATO representation and international organisations had welcomed the initiative as “significant” for the latter goal.

The Ministry proposed the code late last year, with the Parliament scheduled to discuss and approve it before the closing of its spring session.